The Lazuli Capital Growth Fund Investment Pillars:
Delivering healthy ROI while mitigating risks and carefully evaluating investment opportunities.


By choosing strategic assets, we minimize volatility and guide investors through economic downturns. As an example, secured debts can provide substantial income while reducing investment risks.

Consistent ROI

With a careful assessment of real estate deals, we compare risks and rewards of each investment to ensure consistent ROI. Multifamily assets, for example, produce solid profits for the growth fund and investors.

Strategic Growth

With higher returns come higher risks, especially when higher leverage is involved. Examples of these asset types would be value-add, vertical development, and legal cannabis. These provide a strong return with the potential for increased volatility.

Growth Fund Management Fees

This table summarizes the very competitive fee structure.

Amount Invested

Yearly AUM Fees

Profit Split (carry) to the investor

Minimum Investment




Reduced Fees




Lowest Fees

$250k and above



As you can see, additional investments unlock lower fees. Carry is applied on distributions after the full return of capital.

An Investment that Fits All Accredited Investor Portfolios

The three pillars of Stability , Consistent ROI, and Strategic Growth make the Lazuli Capital Growth Fund a well-diversified fund with superior risk-adjusted returns.

The best thing about Lazuli Capital Growth Fund is that it is an evergreen fund: Investors can join at any time. New deals and syndication partners are regularly assessed and presented to current investors, ensuring that our portfolio gets stronger over time. The fund managers are also significant investors in the fund.

Each investor’s contributions add new carefully selected syndications, which increase diversification to the fund to spread the risk. And new investors profit from existing investments too.

Why seasoned investors and newbies choose Lazuli Capital: We work to make it a win-win for existing and new investors by providing a solid diversification and performance with no affiliations or conflict of interests. We ensure transparent and consistent communication with investors, including updates on fair market values, fund activities , and investment distributions.

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