Here is a webinar we did in January 2023 sharing our Fund Updates (Income and Growth Funds). Transcript:   Welcome to our January 2023 webinar. We’re going to talk about updates on our various fund investments.   So quick intro about ourselves. I’m Olivier. We are part […]
Here is a webinar we did in December 2022 discussing the impact of current interest rates on Real Estate. Transcript:   Welcome to our December, 2022 webinar. Here we’re going to talk about the interest rates. Very quick intro about ourselves.  We are investors. We are […]
Accredited investor
An accredited investor is a person or entity that meets certain criteria established by securities laws to be eligible to purchase certain types of investments. These criteria are designed to ensure that accredited investors have the financial sophistication and ability to bear the risks associated with […]
Real estate syndication
Real estate syndication is a type of investment strategy that allows multiple investors to pool their capital together to purchase and manage a larger real estate property or portfolio. This approach allows individual investors to participate in larger, more expensive real estate investments that they may […]
We are sharing a whitepaper explaining how you can become financially independent by saving 25 to 33 times your yearly expenses and investing your nest egg.We will talk about various asset classes and show how Real Estate has reliably provided better risk-adjusted returns than the stock […]
September 1st, 2022 – We are excited to announce that the Income Fund is now live and open for investments. We already seeded the fund with a 12% note for a small multi-family fund. Why an Income Fund? You may have read some details from our Q2’22 report, but […]
It can become a full-time job analyzing and scrutinizing investment opportunities. There are many asset classes, different levels of risk tolerances, and various estimations on rates of returns. Analysis paralysis is very real and very common, especially among those who are deeply conservative in our risk […]
Lapis Lazuli embedded in rock. Lazuli Capital is named after the gemstone “lapis lazuli”. It is a beautiful deep-blue metamorphic rock that was primarily mined in Afghanistan. This precious stone was highly-regarded throughout Egypt, ancient Persia, and South Asian civilizations and was later brought to Europe […]