September 1st, 2022 – We are excited to announce that the Income Fund is now live and open for investments. We already seeded the fund with a 12% note for a small multi-family fund. Why an Income Fund? You may have read some details from our Q2’22 report, but […]
It can become a full-time job analyzing and scrutinizing investment opportunities. There are many asset classes, different levels of risk tolerances, and various estimations on rates of returns. Analysis paralysis is very real and very common, especially among those who are deeply conservative in our risk […]
Lapis Lazuli embedded in rock. Lazuli Capital is named after the gemstone “lapis lazuli”. It is a beautiful deep-blue metamorphic rock that was primarily mined in Afghanistan. This precious stone was highly-regarded throughout Egypt, ancient Persia, and South Asian civilizations and was later brought to Europe […]