The Lazuli Capital Income Fund Investment Pillars:
Designed for strong preservation of the capital, built-in buffer against losses, and additional income.

Focus on Preservation of Capital

By selecting debt assets, we significantly reduce the potential against losses while maximizing the income, but for added stability through economic downturns.

Built-in buffer against losses

The vast majority of investments in the Income Fund are targeted to have 20% to 30% buffer against losses. Said differently, the fund will invest in properties with strong underwritings, and they will have to lose value by 20% to 30% before the income fund starts to lose value. Furthermore, the quarterly distributions will add further downside protection. For the Income Fund, it is paramount to reduce the risk by an order of magnitude.

Additional Income

Where it makes sense, the Income Fund may increase its return by adding additional income in the form of NNN participation. These investments are a smaller portion of the fund, with only well selected sponsors and asset classes.

Income Fund – Management Fees

This table summarizes the very competitive fee structure.

Amount Invested

Yearly AUM Fees

Profit Split (carry) to the investor

$25k minimum


7% preferred return,

80% to LP, 20% to GP

2% Entry Fees



Fees can be reduced for investors making a bigger commitment to the Income Fund.

Withdrawals & Distributions:



Withdrawals before 2 years

No lockup

Up to 25% per quarter

Quarterly Distributions

(targeting 2% or above per quarter)

No reduced income for withdrawals after a 2 years investment

No income generated for withdrawals happening the first year,

50% of the income reduced for withdrawals happening the second year,

An Investment that Fits All Accredited Investor Portfolios

The three pillars of Focus on Capital Preservation , Built-In Buffer against losses, and Additional Income make the Lazuli Capital Income Fund a well-diversified fund for investors that are looking for a stable income with a strong downside protection.

The best thing about Lazuli Capital Income Fund is that it is an evergreen fund: Investors can join at any time. There is no lockup, and the capital can be returned within a year (25% withdrawal per quarter). The fund managers are also significant investors in the fund.

Each investor’s contributions add new carefully selected investments, which increase diversification to the income fund to spread the risk further. And new investors profit from existing investments too.

Why seasoned investors and newbies choose Lazuli Capital: We work to make it a win-win for existing and new investors by providing a solid diversification and performance with no affiliations or conflict of interests. We ensure transparent and consistent communication with investors, including updates on fair market values, fund activities , and investment distributions.

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